What We Do

Staff mobility projects

Funded by the Erasmus + programme, The Dutch Alliance organises study visits and training programmes for teachers and trainers of its member organisations. Teaching foreign languages (English and German) and Guidance and Counselling have been themes during recent study visits to other European countries.

European instruments

The European Union has developed several instruments to enhance the transparancy of education and training including Europass, European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and training (ECVET), and the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The Dutch Alliance supports its members concerning the implementation of these instruments through the development of introductory guides for each instrument.

Erasmus+ projects and partnerships

The Dutch Alliance affiliated VET colleges are often successful in obtaining European funding for their international projects. As a high potential network The Dutch Alliance members are frequently asked to participate in international projects promoted by organisations from other member states.

Key player in the Netherlands

In Vocational Education and Training, as well as Adult Education (Lifelong Learning) in the Netherlands, The Dutch Alliance is regarded as one of the most important networks for international activities. In their advice to the Minister of Education, the Council for Education mentioned The Dutch Alliance as an example of successful cooperation in this field.

Quality improvement of student mobility

Being responsible for the work placements abroad of hundreds of students per year, the members of The Dutch Alliance are able to assess the quality requirements of such work placements. A handbook for student mobility is available and a training programme for staff members involved is being offered.